For my husband…

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We have been having a horrendous time with Baby Girl the last two nights.  She’s got an ENT infection, with mucous in her lungs and well, she’s gone a little mutant with not feeling well.  I honestly take my hat off to single moms – because I don’t know how I would cope without my Hubby’s support.  So, for my hubby, I thought I’d list 100 things about him that I love, like and really admire. 

  1. He has the most amazing blue eyes – it’s the first thing I noticed about him.
  2. He has the most gorgeous smile.
  3. A wicked sense of humour.
  4. He listens to me – he doesn’t find my intelligence or world view threatening at all (like most of the guys I dated before we met).
  5. He cooks.  And really well.
  6. He cleans.
  7. He reads.
  8. He enjoy Science Fiction – books or movies.
  9. He loves vampire movies almost…

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