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A friend once told me, way back when I was in college, that God often deals with issues like the layers of an onion.  And keeps dealing with them until there is nothing left to peel away.

Lately, my mind has been in the wild, ecstatic throes of passionate negative thinking.  And negative thinking can be addictive.  The emotions arising from negative thinking and fantasizing, the “what if” scenarios, the planning and back-up plans “just in case”…

It feels like all that hard work that I have done over the last few years in getting my mind and thoughts right, have been chucked out of the window over the last couple of days.  And I have battled to focus – and get my thinking right.  And I know why – I am completely, out of my mind, exhausted.  And stressing about anxiety is only set to make one even more tired.  Constantly living on…

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