Even though I have spent a lot of time contemplating the power of being positive, and knowing that the positive energy that is produced with your positive thoughts, I have on occasion over the recent past slipped into being judgmental and critical of others for no reason other than because I experienced frustration.

Being positive becomes difficult when you look at life and the people in it as things that affect you, rather than people who are just doing the best they can to survive day-to-day.  All people have weaknesses, and from time to time are annoying and just rub you the wrong way.  One of the biggest challenges in life seems to be, to accept these small negatives and support and highlight the positive of each of these relationships regardless.  Maintaining a focus on love, understanding, acceptance, and kindness can be a challenge.

It becomes difficult to do this when you are engulfed in an atmosphere that focuses on the negative features of things lack of acceptance, judgement, sarcasm, and just being plain mean.  That is when you have to work a bit harder to find the positives.  The best way that I have found is to look for the things that are going right and not spending as any time worrying about what is wrong with the job, community or each other.  Jonathan Hilton

Giving up or never giving up.  One step forward, two steps back.  Two steps forward, one step back.  Side step, stop, rest, carry on…

Tenacity – I love that word.  It’s the the quality or fact of being able to grip something firmly.  Don’t you just love that?  Trying to think positively, and changing your thinking in a world that is persistently negative, is very hard and almost like doing a dance.  Some days you get it just right, other days you flounder and fall and fail.  And that is where you require tenacity – the ability to grip onto positivity with all your might and never, ever let go.  I have days when all things flow well together, my thoughts and feels are positive, my reactions are positive, I feel in sync with God’s word, and I feel great.  And then having tenacity or having a grip on positive thinking is easy.  It’s almost like it is coming to you – you don’t have to go out there to search for it.

Then you have those days when nothing seems to flow, and the negative thoughts are thumping you over the head like a sledgehammer and you can’t seem to get a grip on your thinking, and you feel down and negative and tired, and it feels like not even God’s word can touch your soul.  And that is when you need tenacity – to know that no matter how tired you are, or how far away God feels right now, you are gripping onto positivity like black to a piece of coal.  You ain’t gonna let go…

I don’t think I have tenacity – I tend to give up too easily.  But, I am working on having tenacity – on learning the value of holding on, even when everything around you is not helping you, supporting you or loving you.  Gripping to the truth of what having a positive mindset can do for you.

And so, even though today I am tired, I had really strange and disturbing dreams last night, I am going to grip (hold on) to God’s truth, and hold onto (grip) changing my thinking to being a positive and upbeat and vibrant person.

And I need to do that by holding onto the positive and diverting my attention away from the negative.

Baby Girl was so tired last night – shame, poor little Mite didn’t sleep the night before and last night when she got home, she just crashed.  She slept really well last night and looked much better and brighter this morning.  I am so grateful that she is still little enough to give me cuddles – in the morning, and at night when I am putting her to bed.  I realise that a time will come when she will be too big for cuddles, and I am grateful to be enjoying them now – and not looking back one day and then suddenly realising that I haven’t had cuddles in a while and then all of a sudden missing it.

I am grateful and honoured and humbled that God is working in my heart and my mind – that He is guiding me with His word and the Holy Spirit and that one day, I will reap this harvest if I do not give up.

Galatians 6:9 NIVLet us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

And even if I ever reach the point of feeling like I can’t go on, and that I am giving up, God will never, ever give up on me.  In that much, I can trust.

I am grateful and honoured to have the privilege of blogging – no matter how bad my mood or how toxic my thinking, blogging like this always helps me to get my perspective right and I always feel better afterwards.  This is my little space to focus my thoughts, and to restore my feelings, and to get my head into the right place.

I am so amazed at my little family that God has blessed me with – my husband and daughter rock.  I have always had this thought in the back of my mind that I would grow up alone, that I will always be alone – but God has surpassed my wildest expectations and has blessed me with a little family with the most amazing people in it.  I love my husband.  I love my daughter.  I love my God.

I have so much to be grateful for.


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