That special moment…

Last night after supper, hubby and I were chatting, as we usually do, and he just started opening up to me about religion, God, and finding God.  We’re both believers, me maybe more so than him, but going to church isn’t our thing.  We’ve both had bad experiences at church and prefer to find our faith elsewhere.  I’m not saying church isn’t important – its very important.  The Bible constantly talks about the fellowship of believers.

But, he looked at me, and told me that when he goes cycling in Longmore Forest, or in the mountains, he looks at the splendour of creation and he can’t help but thank God for the beauty that he sees.  He said he doesn’t need to look for religion, God finds him.  I sat there smiling, it felt good to talk to him so openly about church, God and what we believe.  I really am grateful that for that honest interlude that we had.

And then, I had to laugh, just yesterday I was blogging about how I am grateful for getting more sleep and then last night I was up with Baby Girl for just on two hours.  Shame, the poor little mite had bad stomach cramps.  I could actually feel the contractions on her tummy.  She woke up feeling better this morning, but I hardly got any sleep last night.  Oh, well, you just have to laugh

And I’ve lost a little bit of weight.  Not much – just 700 grams, but for me that is worth celebrating.  And I feel no fear – how awesome is that?  Yesterday, the scale said 68.2 kg, and today it was 67.5 kg.  I still need to get down to 62, but I’m celebrating….

Psalm 55:22 NASB:  Cast your burden upon the Lord and He will sustain you; He will never allow the righteous to be shaken.

And that’s what I am doing – any time I feel anxious about my weight, or losing weight, I am casting it onto the Lord.  He has promised to sustain me as I cast my burden onto Him and this fear of losing weight has been a burden I have carried around with me for far too long.

It is such a beautiful day here in Port Elizabeth – one would never say we’re having winter.  However, apparently, tomorrow it is going to be freezing cold again.  I am grateful for the cold winter days, but I am really enjoying and feeling the gratitude for a beautiful, sunny winter’s day.

I am grateful for my God who shows Himself to us through the splendour of His nature, the beauty of His world, and through His written word.  Thank you.


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