Being a dad!

Father Christmas bought Baby Girl a bicycle for Christmas.  On the first day, she rode it with such zeal and excitement, I couldn’t believe she learnt to ride a bicycle so quickly.

And then a few things happened – even though we are in a secure complex, there are still cars on the road that we had to make her very aware of; which kinda put the fear into her.  And then another child in the complex tried to give her a hug while she was on her bicycle, and she fell, and broke her brake and hurt her arm.  And another time she road into some bushes and grazed her knee – all part of learning.  But, she put the bike down and was not interested in riding her bicycle at all…

...until last night.

I fetched from school and as we drove into our driveway, she asked to ride her bike – just out of the blue!  So, hubby put her on the bike, and she cycled to the end of the road and back.  She was cautious, but she did it.  And when we asked her why, she said that she didn’t want to give up.

Not only was I so proud of her, but seeing her Dad walk with her as she was riding and being a Dad to her literally brought tears to my eyes.  I truly am so grateful that he is involved with her, and he loves her, and he engages her as a true member of our little family.  I never had that growing up, but I am grateful to see that Baby Girl does have that.

Even though Baby Girl is only in Grade 1, they write tests every Friday at school – maths and spelling tests.  It is so hectic for these little one’s and when I think that when I did Grade 1 (back then it was called Sub A) and we never had homework or tests, and all our school work was done during school hours, I really feel that they put too much pressure on these children.  Having said that however, we got her results from her test on Friday – she got full marks for everything: maths and spelling.  Honestly, even though the homework is about an hour or so every night, we don’t really need to get involved all that much – she does homework at aftercare and she seems to pick these things up quite quickly.  I am truly so proud to have this little girl as my daughter – she is funny, and bright, and kind, and caring, and gentle…  What more could a mom ask for?

On Saturday I ran a 10 km race – and it was my best time yet.  Okay, its only my third 10 km race, and my legs were so sore and stiff the next day, but I cut about four minutes off my previous time.  It was a good kinda sore and as hubby said to me last night, had he spoken to me two years ago about running 10 km, it would’ve been way out of my comprehension that I could do something like that.  And now I have just completed my third 10 km, and one 15 km run.  How awesome is that?  Pretty cool if you ask me…

I am grateful for a good night’s sleep – I have realised after not sleeping for about three  years at all with Baby Girl, how important sleep is.  We still have occasions of bad sleep, but for the most part – I am getting more sleep.  Wonderful.

And that cake I spoke about yesterday – well, it turns out it is absolutely delicious.  🙂  So delicious that in fact I’ve brought another slice to work.  I know, I know – this isn’t going to help my waistline at all, but I bake perhaps once every five years, so this is truly a rare treat.  Especially since it turned out so well…

I have much to be grateful for…


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