My first 15 km Run and a Cyprus scam!

Wow.  Did you just read that title?  Yes, this person who didn’t want to run, who didn’t want to get fit and healthy, you didn’t even want to walk up and down the stairs at work, ran her first 15 km run on Saturday.  In very strong windy conditions.  In what more seasoned runners called a very tough route.

I had no idea about the toughness of the route, or the windy conditions, I just very naively signed up for the race and went and did it.  And it was tough.

But, oh boy, I really enjoyed it.

And on Friday, my email account got hacked.  Yeah, apparently without me knowing, I traveled off to Cyprus, and then went and lost all my documents and everyone must send me money.  Now, I laughed at this because surely everyone by now knows that this is a hoax.  But, not everyone, some people – like my dad – truly got a fright, and wasn’t sure what to do.  And I have heard of people sending money…  So sad that people can scam other people like that.

So, without any further a due, I am grateful for:

  1. Running my first 15 km race on Saturday.  And bonus – I wasn’t last…  I honestly feel like I have climbed Everest, because I never thought I could do 5 km, never mind running 15.  Wow!  Only by the grace of God.
  2. For being able to sort out a new email address, and inform all my contacts timeously, before anyone sent any money.  Such a funny, shocking experience.
  3. For the awesome evening we had with some of hubby’s cycling buddies on Saturday night.  It really was just quite awesome.  It really is nice to meet new people and spend your evenings a
  4. For a good day with family friends and a lazing in the sun (we went from blistery cold on Saturday to summer warm on Sunday… go figure)…
  5. For my husband who made farmhouse chunky fudge – yummy!!!!!  I’ve been asking, and he made…  How divine is that.

I have so much to be grateful for.


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