Awesome weekend – and a trip to the Museum

For the last couple of weeks, Baby Girl has been hounding, nagging, begging and pleading to go the Museum.  I don’t know what brought on this sudden desire to see the Museum, but with hubby doing his first 36One race this weekend, I thought it an opportune time to take her.  And it was lovely.

Look, the have the same exhibits there that they did when I was a child, and it is a little run down, but it was quite busy, and for someone who has not been to the Museum before, or to Bayworld, it is a lovely experience.  Pretty cool to see the life size dinosaur model.  And then we had movie night on both Friday night and Saturday night.  And although I missed hubby terribly, it was really quite awesome for Baby Girl and I to spend the weekend together.

Love that little Munchkin to the moon at back.

Today, I am grateful for:
  1. My hubby – who is such an inspiration to me in getting fit.  I remember, a couple of years ago, hubby phoning me to fetch him when he tried to cycle his first 100 km.  And now, this past weekend, he cycled 361 km in 23 hours and 30 minutes.  And when I am doing my measly little runs, I keep telling myself – if he can do it, I can do it.  I doubt I’ll ever get to the point that he is at, but I can keep focusing on running and getting fit.  And I can keep enjoying it.
  2. Madam Fifi – oh, man, that child is wonderful.  So funny, so full of life, so wanting to see and know and learn.  How I wish I had just half of her enthusiasm for life.  She is also truly an inspiration to me – she has no fear, and is so excited about life.  I wish I could be more like her.
  3. Safety – a woman and a child on their own is not exactly the wisest move in this crime riddled country of ours.  So, I am grateful that God has kept us safe this weekend, and that we truly had a good weekend.
  4. Exercise – okay, bright spark me decided that seeing as I can’t run this weekend because hubby is away, I am going to do kettle-bell exercises.  I did two sets – one on Saturday morning, and the other yesterday morning.  Do you know that I am so sore, I can hardly walk, and I need to sit down very slowly.  I’ve discovered some new muscles.  And I want to try on the days that I can’t run, to do some kettle-bell exercises.  My husband has had these weights for years, so I can use them when I can’t run.  I just need to be disciplined… 🙂
  5. Food – I wanted to treat hubby to a delicious meal last night when he got home, after he cycle race (did I mention that he cycled for 361 km – in one sitting – in  23 hours and 30 minutes).  And so, early yesterday morning, I put a roast lamb in the oven that I had purchased a few months ago, added some red wine, some chicken stock, and let it slow roast for the whole day.  And you know what?  It was divine.  We so seldom get to eat like that, and he deserved it for his race and all the effort he had put in.  And I made some roast potatoes, and vegetables, and it was really good.  No seriously, I surprised even myself.

I have so much to be grateful for.


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