Gratitude – 12th April 2016

Neglected daughter: you don’t have to inflict the same apathy on your kids that pummeled your youth; God will give you, through the mercy of His Son and the presence of His Counselor, a compelling love for your husband and children that no waters on earth can quench.  Gary Thomas

I am so grateful that God is in my life.  He brings forth healing, and grace, and forgiveness.  And I am so grateful that I can give Baby Girl a different background, a different childhood.  One that she can be proud of; one where she can turn around and say what a happy childhood she had, even though she’s an only child.

Today, I am grateful for:

  1. Hubby made some farmhouse chunky fudge for a cake sale we’re having today to raise funds for the E.P. Children’s Home.  Isn’t he just a rock star?
  2. For Baby Girl being so excited to use her new gum guard, and shin pads, for hockey.  Yes, she is six.  Can’t believe how quickly this child is growing.
  3. For a delicious dinner last night.
  4. For my beautiful home.
  5. For my family – my extended family – only they can bring fun back to dysfunctional in a unique, entertaining and ultimately frustrating way.

I have so much to be grateful for.


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