Gratitude – 01st April 2016

Wow, already the first of a new month.

And almost a quarter way through the year.  It is busy, busy, busy are work and we are moving offices and so I have files and documents and just stuff in my new office (still to be sorted out) and my computer is in my old office while we wait for the computer guy to come through and move our machines.  It’s quite a bit bigger than my current office, but I will have no privacy…

Always a pinch of salt…

Today, I am grateful for:

  1. Being constantly aware of my hubby sleeping next to me last night – feeling safe in his presence and comforted knowing that he is there.
  2. For moving to a new office – and that the bulk of the move is now done.
  3. It’s the weekend, baby!!! 😉
  4. For good coffee…
  5. And for a delicious chardonnay last night – called: wait for it: organic feeding duck!  Love the name!

I have so much to be grateful for…


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