Life Without a Bucket List

Today’s reading at Proverbs 31 Ministries has got to be the saddest reading in a very long time.  And I need to share it, because every now and then something comes along – like today’s reading – that makes you stop and really appreciate what you have in life. The thought that this woman has not… Continue reading Life Without a Bucket List

My first 15 km Run and a Cyprus scam!

Wow.  Did you just read that title?  Yes, this person who didn’t want to run, who didn’t want to get fit and healthy, you didn’t even want to walk up and down the stairs at work, ran her first 15 km run on Saturday.  In very strong windy conditions.  In what more seasoned runners called… Continue reading My first 15 km Run and a Cyprus scam!

What a cool winter’s morning

Oh dear, you know what that means, don’t you?  I am so not ready for winter’s arrival – but I am grateful for the glorious sunrise we saw this morning.  The whole sky was bathed in pinks, purples, and blues.  It was spectacular. Seasons are such a good thing to have – although I know of… Continue reading What a cool winter’s morning


Grace isn’t blind.  Nor is it without nerve endings.  A call to a grace-filled marriage doesn’t mean we ignore, trivialize, or excuse our spouse’s unacceptable behavior.  Grace doesn’t mean we lose our voice when it comes to dealing head-on with things that are clearly out of line.  And grace doesn’t remove consequences.  God’s grace is… Continue reading Grace

Sitting in the dark…

I have really started to enjoy Jonathan Hilton’s blog about gratitude.  Probably because I feel like we’re on the same journey to learning how to appreciate life, instead of living in the scope of negativity and grumpiness.  And it is so good, oh so good, to read another’s journey of gratitude.  It isn’t easy to start… Continue reading Sitting in the dark…

A run, a dance, a wink and a swim…

The very first time I took Baby Girl to swimming lessons she was seven months old, and she screamed so much I could swear that the other people in the class were thinking I was trying to drown her.  She screamed, and screamed, and screamed, and screamed… Now, six years later, she is a rock start… Continue reading A run, a dance, a wink and a swim…

Awesome weekend – and a trip to the Museum

For the last couple of weeks, Baby Girl has been hounding, nagging, begging and pleading to go the Museum.  I don’t know what brought on this sudden desire to see the Museum, but with hubby doing his first 36One race this weekend, I thought it an opportune time to take her.  And it was lovely. Look,… Continue reading Awesome weekend – and a trip to the Museum