Gratitude – 31st March 2016

I am feeling so much better today.  Not quite as tired, and hubby and I didn’t have that talk, but it was all sorted.  In fact, it was quite funny – I got home, he looked at me and I could see he was sorry for yesterday morning; I looked at him and he knew I was sorry and it was all done.  And so we chatted about our day and work and Baby Girl being at holiday care again.

That is intimacy – when you know our spouse so well that just a look can convey a thousand words.

It is progress!

So, today, I am grateful for:

  1. For my husband and I knowing each other well enough to know what our looks mean.
  2. For the change of season – Autumn is always my favourite time of year and the earth is literally looking quite stunning at the moment.  I love this time of the year.
  3. For running 12.5 km on Monday.  I think my legs are still recovering and that partly caused my tired yesterday.  I am hoping to run another long distance this Saturday.
  4. For the lovely cuddles I got from Baby Girl this morning – I love waking her up in the mornings.  She wakes up happy, but while she is still half sleeping she wraps her arms around me, and her legs around my waist, and she just loves me.  Her little body is so nice and warm from sleep and I know that one day I am really going to miss this.
  5. Well, just for feeling happy today. 🙂

I have much to be grateful for.


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