Gratitude – 15th March 2016

My thinking is being renewed.  Day by day, step by step, I can feel I am walking closer to God, and closer to the goals I want to achieve in life.  I am so grateful that God has brought me on this journey – I shudder to think where I would be if God didn’t intervene.

  1. I am grateful for last night – for being able to give Baby Girl (my little Madam Fifi) the opportunity of learning how to swim properly (something that I did not have as a child), but it was the last lesson of the term and so hubby came with to watch.  She swims really well, and then afterwards we had sushi for supper and just chilled as I packed the bags and got lunch ready for today.  Such a simple evening – but such a blessed one.
  2. I am grateful that when we went to buy the sushi at Spar, hubby had put in some headache tablets for me – I have been battling a headache since Sunday, and I really am quite terrible at taking tablets.  So, he got some Disprin for me, and when we got home I did take two.  It helped, although the headache was back this morning.  I think I’m just tired, but I am grateful for my husband’s concern – for him seeing me, and knowing what to do.
  3. I am grateful that next week I have a couple of day’s leave.  I’m only taking three days off work, but there are about three or four public holidays, so I will land up having just over a week off.  Friday is my last day at work, and then I go back the following Tuesday, the 29th March.  And we are still having amazing weather, so it is going to be really nice just to have a couple of days to potter about.
  4. I know I keep saying this, and it probably is coming from a place of very low self-esteem, but I am so grateful that God has seen me.  With all my insecurities, and nastiness and brokenness, He has seen me – no matter how I like to hide, I can’t hide from God.  And yet – and yet He still loves me.  Wow!  Little old me from Port Elizabeth.  This nowhere little girl from this nowhere place, and God – the creator of the Heavens and the earth – has seen me.  It blows my mind.  And what is even more mind blowing is that He does not see me to the exclusion of anyone else – He sees all of us, as individuals, and collectively; as people and as humanity.  I feel humbled.
  5. I am grateful for my husband.  He is awesome and I feel privileged and humbled that God gave me such a good man – one who is a good provider and loving and caring, and gets involved.  Thank you, Lord, for knowing who would be my best partner.  Thank you!

I have so much to be grateful for.

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