Gratitude – 04th March 2016

As I am sitting here in my office, I have my window slightly open and I can feel the cool breeze wafting through from a gentle morning rain that we are having.  It is beautiful.  Okay, it may mean – actually it probably does mean – that my washing won’t dry today.  But that’s okay.  We are in dire need of rain, and the smell of fresh rain is just simply divine.  Hubby is away this weekend, so its just Baby Girl and me.  And I have a little treat in store for her that I really hope she will like.

Today, I am grateful for:

  1. You see, the Aussie Circus is in town.  And I wasn’t going to take Baby Girl because the tickets are so ridiculously expensive, but then hubby said he would pay for it and he gave me his American Express card.  But, they don’t accept American Express – just Visa and Master Card.  Now, with hubby being away, I couldn’t get his details on the other cards – and I just thought, “stuff it”.  I really, really want to take baby girl to this – it is something that I know she will love.  So, I’ve put it on my already kinda maxed out credit card.  I know that it is a little irresponsible considering our financial situation and considering how much I have to pay on my credit card each month, but we won’t get another opportunity like this again.  Port Elizabeth only gets a small handful of shows and most aren’t suitable for Baby Girl.  And I remember going to the circus when I was a child (the old type of circus with animals and lions, etc) and I loved it.  In fact, I distinctly recall having dreams of acrobatics and wanting to be a trapeze artist for quite a while.  I am just grateful I had enough available funds on my credit card to pay for the tickets…
  2. This beautiful rain – even if it means my washing won’t get dry.
  3. For hubby’s trip – even though he is away from us, I know how much he enjoys it and how much he enjoys cycling through the Baviaans.  For him and for his happiness, I am grateful.
  4. For the wonderful time I am hoping to spend with Baby Girl this weekend.
  5. For the beautiful picture Baby Girl drew for me for my office – it’s of a super hero flying, and has a smiling pig, an aeroplane, a comet with a grin, a chicken and a house.

I have much to be grateful for.


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