Gratitude – 03rd March 2016

It was Baby Girl’s school gala this morning.  And I worked in seven lunch breaks to take the morning off to support her at her swimming.  She didn’t win anything, and I could see she was disappointed, but she still did so well.  I love the spirit at that school!

Today, I am grateful:

  1. These are Grade 1’s to Grade 3’s that swam.  In the Grade 1 class, there were many kids that could not swim.  That had floating devices to aid them, and some of the kids from the senior school had to get in to help them.  But, when they touched that finish line – even though they were stone last – the whole school, parents and all, erupted into applause for them.  It was such encouragement, and so much love for these children, that I couldn’t help but shed a tear.  Good thing I had my sunglasses on… 🙂
  2. That Baby Girl swam so well.  Even though she didn’t win, she swam like a rock star.  And I want to reinforce the principle that there can only be one winner, but you can still have fun and have a great time, and just do the best that you can.  It’s a good lesson for us all to learn.
  3. That because I took the morning off work, I could do a run early this morning.  I left home at about 06:30, with the roads still relatively quiet, the clean morning air – it was stunning.  It was a beautiful run.
  4. And I am grateful that just a little while ago when I ran this route, I can home and I was finished.  There was no way I could still attend a gala and work afterwards.  Now, I am feeling a tad tired, but I am managing.  I am grateful to see how the fitness is finally started to kick in.
  5. My gorgeous husband.  Who, even though had a huge work crises to attend to, still made it on time to see Baby Girl’s first race and her last race.  I am so proud of this man!

I have so much to be grateful for.


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