Gratitude – 02nd March 2016

I can’t believe how this year is flying by.  And I can’t believe how hungry I am.  I suppose its all the running, but I’ve just had breakfast (three scrambled eggs and a cup of coffee) and I am actually sitting here at my desk listening to my tummy rumble.  I.  Am.  Hungry.  But, I have had breakfast and trying to not eat all the time is a bit of a battle for me (I weighed myself this morning and I am slowly but surely gaining weight), so I need to just distract myself until tea time.  Then we can talk about having something small to eat again.  This is not who God created me to be, and I need to renew my mind to focus on who I truly am in Christ Jesus.

Today, I am grateful for:

  1. God knowing me – He truly knows me.  Inside and out, He knows everything about me and He still loves me.  And even when I have lost my way, He knows the best way to guide me back.
  2. The ability to renew my mind – that God has given us the grace and the ability to think His thoughts, and to become like Christ through our thinking.  Those pesky, ugly “stinking thinking” thoughts – well, through work and dedication we can change those thoughts.  There is no longer a victim mentality.
  3. Ladies – sometimes is just helps to mention an issue you may be battling with and then someone will know or have experienced that same issue.  It helps to know that we’re not alone, but also to give some guidance.
  4. Getting fit.  I am enjoying my running, and although I am so hungry I could eat a horse, I am enjoying my little accomplishments in running.
  5. The support of my husband – my wonderful, amazing husband has given up cycling every Saturday so that I can go do the Park Run.  And he has never made an issue about it.  It has now become my day for sport, and Sunday is his day for sport.

I have so much to be grateful for.

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