Gratitude – 01st March 2016

Wow – after this awesome summer, we are now starting to head into winter.  When I wake up in the mornings now, I have to switch lights on (just a little while ago when I got up, the sun was up bright in the sky and there was no need to switch any lights on).  And there is a definite shift in the seasons – it feels like autumn.  The sun hangs in the sky a little differently, and the shift of sunlight in our house has changed.  I’m wondering if I will enjoy this winter as much as before, as I have changed somewhat and really started to enjoy summer – something I never used to do.  But, I do so love winter fashion.  I love coats, and scarfs, and boots…  Perhaps this winter I will be graced with being able to buy myself some nice boots for work – oh, that would be really lovely.

Today, I am grateful for:

  1. My life – oh wow what an awesome life I get to life.  Thank you Father for blessing me so richly in so many ways in my life.  As I am focusing on gratitude each day, I am seeing these blessings more and more – and I am grateful.
  2. A good shower – oh, man, I think that whoever invented the shower deserves to win a Nobel peace prize.  Yip.  The Nobel Peace Prize – because that awesome shower I am sure must have saved many an irritable day.  There is nothing nicer than first thing in the morning to have this amazing shower and to enjoy the warmth of the water to start your day.  Or after you’ve had a run.  Or at night when you’re going to bed.  Or the day after the night before…  Or actually pretty much at any time.  I love it.
  3. My husband.  I know I say this often, but I really have married a good and amazing man.  Last night when we got home from swimming, he was making supper as he usually does, but said we were having some food that I had especially bought for baby girl’s lunch at school.  I was immediately annoyed, but then he said he was making it for her lunch so I didn’t have to later (we get home quite late from swimming).  I felt ashamed for immediately snapping at him.  But, also grateful that I didn’t then have to prepare lunch for her later.
  4. My house.  I have these dreams where I dream that hubby and I win the lotto – not excessively, just enough to pay off our debt, set some monies aside to cover Baby Girl’s schooling and enough to redo our house.  And then I dream about what I would do.  There is so much I want to do, yearn to do on our house – but you know what?  It’s fine and beautiful as it is.  It keeps us warm and secure every night, and although it is in desperate need of some TLC that we can’t quite afford right now, it is ours.  And I am very grateful to have our home when many people across the globe don’t have that privilege.
  5. My God.  Where would I be if God didn’t see me, know me, love me and save me?  I shudder to think about it.  God sees my potential, and He works His grace to bring about the best in me.  It is hard, so hard, and sometimes I do honestly just want to give up.  And all that is fine, because I know that God will never give up on me.

I have so much to be grateful for.


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