Gratitude – 26th February 2016

Yesterday, I had the most amazing observation in grace.  It astounded me so much, I could not stop talking about it or even thinking about it.  And I am grateful for God’s little pictures into His world – and this was definitely one of them.  You see, I work for an accounting firm and investment house.  And we do a lot of financial investments for our clients.  But yesterday, a woman walked in with her son.  He is a downs syndrome boy.  He is 22, but looks like he is 16.  But the grace and love this mother had for son was quite simply amazing.  He can’t write, but she managed to arrange for him to sign some documents – he put an M.  A squiggly M, and the pride that shone in this moms face was amazing.  She was so encouraging and loving that I felt ashamed that just yesterday morning I got annoyed with Baby Girl for taking too long and I had to get to work.  I wish I was eloquent enough to explain to you just how amazing this grace was.  It’s a picture that has stuck in my mind ever since yesterday.

Today, I am grateful:

  • That God shows us through pictures, actions and His word just how much He loves – each and every day.  Sometimes, though, we just need to look…
  • For this beautiful rain.  We’re have quite a severe drought, and I have no doubt that this bit of rain will do little to relieve the water shortage, but still – it is beautiful and the world feels clean and lovely.  Looking out my window at work now, I see a dove sitting on the building opposite me, just enjoying the rain.  How lovely.
  • For the lovely deep sleep I had last night.  Because of the rain, the temperature is a little cooler and I had such a nice sleep.
  • For the love of a little girl.  I know that all moms think this, but I do truly have an amazing daughter.  She rocks.  In the storm the other night, she was crying that all the poor people didn’t have shelter – and she was genuinely upset.  I hope I can guide her to use her kindness beneficially for herself and for those around her.
  • For the love of one man.  It still blows my mind that after 18 years, my husband is still with me, and he still loves me.  How awesome is that?

I have much to be grateful for.


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