Gratitude – 24th February 2016

Wow.  What a beautiful day!  It is hot, the sun is shining in a beautiful clear blue sky, and not a breath of wind.  Just a pity I am stuck in an office all day, but no matter – tonight when I get home, if the weather holds, we can enjoy a lovely evening.

Today, I am grateful…

  • For this beautiful day – being an “I adore winter” kinda gal my whole life, I find it refreshing just how much I am enjoying summer now.  It is beautiful.
  • That my husband rocks.  I needed change to send with Baby Girl to school for tuck shop (for today and for the gala next week), and he organised.  
  • For a nice cup of coffee.  I’m not fussy – a cup of Ricoffy will do, but I enjoy my coffee.  Of course, a cappuccino is just as nice.
  • For my sight – Baby Girl drew a beautiful picture of me finishing my first 10 km run.  And I’ve got it on the wall in my office.  I love my new artwork.  And I love that I can see it, enjoy it and love it.
  • For getting through it – life is hectic.  Washing, ironing, working, school, homework, etc, etc, etc…  And yet, somehow, hubby and I make it through.  We’re tired, exhausted, and have little time for much else but there is a strength to be garnered from learning to do it all yourself.  You realise that you can, you do have the worth, and that God is always by your side.
  • For the lessons in life that God is teaching me – each day He is moulding me and making me more and more like Christ.

There is much to be grateful for.



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