Gratitude – 19th February 2016

Wow – what a morning.  Our receptionist at work takes a lot of sick leave.  Strangely, always on a Monday and a Friday.  And it is provisional tax time and possibly the worst time ever for her to not be at work.  What this means is that all the PA’s have to step in – for two slots of half an hour each.  But then this PA says she refuses, she’s got too much work.  This PA then says well if this PA isn’t, then I can’t either – and there was a huge fight at work.  And the thing is, we KNOW that the receptionist is planning her sick leave.  She prepared an email yesterday, which was only released this morning, which shows she planned this sick leave.  Again.  I have no issue with someone being genuinely ill and being at home.  But, planning sick leave and having the onus fall on all of us when we have so much work today, is a bit harsh.

Anyway, after all that, I am grateful for:

  1. The gift of saying I am sorry.  The one PA and I had huge words, and then when I had calmed down I apologized.  She is a good friend and I don’t want this issue to mess up our friendship.  She also apologized.  And I really don’t have an issue with saying I’m sorry – even when I feel that I am right, I still apologize.  There are more important things than being right.  That is a gift from God and I thank Him for that gift – it has rescued many a friendship.
  2. For the Dad’s camp-out tonight.  Each year Baby Girl’s school has a Dad camp-out, and although she wants me there, it is such a blessing for her and her dad to spend some time together.  I hope they get to do this every year – and the weather, lo and behold, looks really good for a camp-out.  How lovely.
  3. For being the type of parent to step in when needed – Baby Girl is really battling with her dancing.  She doesn’t want to give up, but she is feeling very overwhelmed.  Both hubby and I are stepping in to provide her with the assistance that she needs.  I hope it works out for her.  A lot of parents would just bail, or leave it, I am proud and grateful for how hubby and I have managed this situation – and still are managing it.
  4. For breath – it feels so great to breathe wonderful fresh air in.
  5. For sight – to see the glorious sky, and the sea, is such a wonderful blessing.  Thank you, God.
I have much to be grateful for.

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