Gratitude – 15th February 2016

Guess what I did on Saturday?  I ran my first 10 km race.  AND … I ran the whole way.  It was awesome.  Okay, I hurt a little afterwards (maybe a lot), and yesterday my legs were sore, and I was really tired – but you know what???  I did it.  I actually did my first 10 km road race, and I received a medal (in the shape of a heart to celebrate Valentine’s Day).  Wow!

Today, I am grateful for:

  1. God’s work in my life that just a little while ago, I was too scared to walk too much in case I lost weight – and now I am running 10 km.  And loving it.  (And as I am typing this, I am looking at the route for a 10 km run for next week Saturday – I mean, wow!)
  2. My husband’s love and support – as soon as I said I wanted to start doing the Park Run, he gave up his cycling and his sport on a Saturday to look after Baby Girl, so I could run.  And this man loves his sport.  And I am so grateful because I could’ve kept using the excuse that I need to look after Baby Girl, but hubby stepped in to look after her so that I could run.
  3. For my daughter – oh, man, she can be challenging sometimes.  But, it is good, she needs to develop her strength, and know that no matter what happens, she is loved and cared for and adored just for who she is.
  4. For feeling tired and just wanting to sleep, and in that tired space still feeling grateful.  Just a little while ago that tired space would’ve brought on anxiety, now I feel grateful for all that God has accomplished in my life.
  5. For my family – we’re all so different, and yet all so similar, but as a family unit we work.  Man, I love the people God has put into my life and I am grateful to God for doing what He knew would be the best thing for me.

I have so much to be grateful for.


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