Gratitude – 11th February 2016

Wow, what an awesome day.  It is Baby Girl’s athletic’s day at Westbourne Oval.  And boy did she run.  She ran so well, but of course, I would say that – wouldn’t I?

Today, I am grateful for:

  1. Seeing Baby Girl’s face when she realised that both her Dad and I were there to watch her.  We couldn’t stay – we had to get back to work, but we saw her do two races, and she loved knowing we were there.  In fact, when I called her to say hello, she beamed so much from ear to ear, because I was there watching her.  How precious is that?
  2. For my husband – on man I am so grateful God gave me this man.  He is awesome in so many ways.
  3. For my job – and the fact that my boss has two little one’s Baby Girl’s age and he seems to understand the school situation, etc.
  4. For life – I am on a bit of a high from the sport’s day this morning, and just feel so excited about all the potential Baby Girl has.  And that we all, in fact, have.
  5. For love – what an awesome day it is.  Wow!

I have so much to be grateful for!


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