Gratitude – 05th February 2016

Sheila Wray Gregoire published a post, When Baby Showers are Hard and while I battle to agree with the author of the post, or even to understand her point of view – a brief read through the comments broke my heart.  I feel guilty and convicted of ever thinking I did’t want to have children.  And I am so grateful that God has blessed me with just one child – but what a blessing she has turned out to be.

I pray for the people who wrote the comments – I pray that God will heal their hearts, and their minds, and their wombs if it is His will.  But, more than anything, I pray that God will use their circumstances to draw them closer to Him.

Today, I am grateful for:

  1. My husband got home a little later last night from a function, and when he walked in, he looked hot.  Seriously.  He looked amazing and I found myself thinking that I am married to this most amazing, good looking man!  I truly am the blessed one.
  2. My little girl – I really am.  Last night, she came home from school with her first Learn to Read book and she read the whole thing.  Cover to cover.  My little bookworm – I am so excited because I love books, and stories, and reading.  And to see my little one progress with reading like this is to me just simply amazing.  I am so grateful.
  3. For my health – yes, I know I am overweight, and my body is looking awful.  But, I am healthy.  Thank the Good Lord above I have not been to a doctor in a long time, and except for tiredness (which is, I think, normal for any working mom), I am very healthy.  Hungry – all the time, but healthy.
  4. For my sight – I have worn glasses since was I about about 15 months old.  I have had three eye operations, the first being at 18 months, and the last was when I was about nine.  I have worn contact lenses since I was 13.  There are days when I dream of just being able to wake up and not worry about glasses or contact lenses; that I can see clearly things at a distance, or read late into the night without having to then get up to take my contact lenses out.  But, you know what?  All that pales into comparison when I think that some people can’t see at all.  They can’t see a sunrise or a sunset, the blue of the ocean, or the white of the clouds as they drift by.  I can see all this, and the colour of my husband’s eyes, the blonde of Baby Girl’s hair, the beauty of the world around me.  I am so grateful for my sight.
  5. For my smell – there is nothing nicer than smelling a cup of coffee brewing, or my daughters hair, or my husband.  Thank you Lord for the gift of smell.
I have so much to be grateful for.

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