Gratitude – 29th January 2016

Today, is my wedding anniversary.  How awesome is it to be married for 16 years.  Wow.  I feel humbled and privileged to be blessed with a sound, and happy marriage.  And yet, I feel like we’re still at the beginning and we have so much yet to learn.

I have always felt at a complete disadvantage in marriage – my parents are divorced, and although they divorced after 33 years of marriage, they may as well have signed the papers when I was a child.  And that lack of a healthy role model for marriage has always plagued my mind.  So, to come this far – by God’s grace -is truly a blessing.

Today, I am grateful for:

  1. Sixteen years of marriage.  Wow.
  2. For this gorgeous day.
  3. For going away this weekend.
  4. For love and kindness and light in my life.
  5. For all good things.

I am so much to be grateful for!


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