Gratitude – 22nd January 2016

As you know, hubby has been in Cape Town for the last couple of days.  And I really enjoy the time with Baby Girl, and just spending some girlie time with my daughter.  But, it is also exhausting, because I am married to one of those men who know their way around a kitchen.  So, when hubby is not here, I do everything – which I don’t mind – but you kind of realise just how much that other person does.  Just to give you an example: on a normal work day – hubby cooks, I do homework.  Hubby washed the dishes, I bath Baby Girl.  Hubby catches up with work, I make lunch for the next day.  When hubby is away, I have to do all that.  So, today, I am grateful for:

  1. This awesome man who is my husband, who not only cooks, but cleans up, washes dishes and provides for me and Baby Girl in some very trying times.  And he does it with a grace and dignity that I sorely lack.
  2. Time spent with God this morning.  It is a quiet time, and it is rather rushed, and I am half asleep, because it is at 05:20 in the morning – but I got to savour just a few moments of reading my bible and praying.  And thanking God that He has plans for me that will prosper me and not harm me, that will give me a hope and a future.  And what is even amazing is that this word was sent to the Israelites when they were in exile.  What a wonderful word to receive when you have drifted from God’s path.
  3. Sleep.  Beautiful, glorious sleep.  It is wonderful when your daughter starts to sleep better.  She still doesn’t sleep through, and she has some really bad cycles of sleep, but for the most part, she is sleeping well.  I cannot fathom that at one stage I was getting up eight times a night – FOR THREE YEARS – no matter what sleep training method we did with her.  In fact, getting up only a couple of times a night for me now equates to a really good night’s sleep.
  4. Our maid.  She only comes twice a week, but what an awesome twice a week that is.  We will have to look at getting more help at some point, but for now I am just grateful for those two days and that my washing and ironing gets done.
  5. Small mercies.  A long time ago I booked us to go stay at a place in P.E.  – just for a weekend.  And I have almost forgotten about it, but surprise, surprise – it is next weekend.  And I am really looking forward to it.  Just a little oasis in what is otherwise a very busy life and start to the new year.

I have much to be grateful for.

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