Gratitude – 19th January 2016

Poor Baby Girl.  She had such a busy day yesterday – not only are her school days longer now that she is in Grade 1, but she also did dancing yesterday (for about an hour), and then went back to school, did her homework, and then I fetched her from school and took her to an hour swimming lesson.  Little Madam was quite exhausted at the end of the day.  (As I was, and I still had to come home and cover books, make lunch, pack bags, do washing…), but she handles herself so well.  I am really very proud of her.

Today, I am so grateful for:

  1. That God has graced our lives with this beautiful, kind and feisty little girl who is such a treasure.  I love this little girl so much – I had no idea you could love another little human being so much or so intensely.  I would sorely have regretted not having children, but I am grateful that God stepped in to show us the right way to go.  (I am not saying that having children is for everyone – it just turned out to be the right thing for me.)
  2. My husband.  Who is amazing and funny and I am truly grateful that someone so interesting, and smart, and active, and good looking would ever consider me as their wife and mate.
  3. My job.  Even though we had a really good holiday and break from work, I am grateful to be back and in the swing of things again.  I enjoy my job and I enjoy the people that I work with.
  4. That somehow, in some way, and I have no idea how this has worked out, but I have just – just – managed to make it through this month financially, and have covered (thus far) all that needs to be covered.  It can only and truly be by God’s grace.
  5. Love.  When I look, I realise that there is so much love in my life and it comes in all forms and through many means, and all bring joy and lightness to my life if I allow it to.  And with all this love, is one main true love:  that God sent His son to die, so that I may live with Him in glory.  Takes my breath away that I am so deeply and truly loved.

I have much to be grateful for.


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