Gratitude – 29th January 2016

Today, is my wedding anniversary.  How awesome is it to be married for 16 years.  Wow.  I feel humbled and privileged to be blessed with a sound, and happy marriage.  And yet, I feel like we’re still at the beginning and we have so much yet to learn. I have always felt at a complete… Continue reading Gratitude – 29th January 2016

Gratitude – 27th January 2016

Wow, I am tired today.  This morning in getting Baby Girl to school, making sure the bags are packed, getting dressed and driving through traffic to get to work on time can get a bit hectic.  But, I am grateful for the privilege to do just that.  I was thinking in the car on the way too… Continue reading Gratitude – 27th January 2016

Gratitude – 26th January 2016

As you know, I have been focusing quite strongly on nurturing a grateful heart.  And today, instead of listing five things that I am grateful for, I want to share this reading I received via email from Bible Gateway: An Attitude of Gratitude A grateful heart sees each day as a gift.  Thankful people focus… Continue reading Gratitude – 26th January 2016