Gratitude – 15th December 2015

How awesome is this?  I have managed to organise an iWatch for hubby for his birthday.  But, now, this is the cool part:  I don’t have to pay.  Seriously….

  • I am very grateful for being able to organise an iWatch for hubby – we are members of the Discovery Medical aid and you qualify for an iWatch, provided you hit your fitness targets for the week.  If you don’t, then you have to pay.  But, considering hubby cycles and exercises almost every day of his life, I am quite sure that won’t be a problem.  And although his birthday is only in January, he was so stoked and happy to receive it now.
  • I am so, so grateful for the awesome bonus received.  I have paid up my one credit card, and put money aside to cover Baby Girl’s school fees for January.  Totally awesome.
  • I am so grateful that tomorrow is a public holiday.  It is hectic at work at the moment, and it will be really nice to spend the day with Baby Girl and Hubby.

I have so much to be grateful for – that God saved me, that I will spend eternity in Heaven, that I will praise God for His goodness for all eternity and for my many earthly blessings.

Thank you, Lord.

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