Gratitude – 08th December 2015

Wow, I have missed a few days of expressing gratitude, but work has been amazingly busy.  I haven’t had a chance to um and ah, never mind blog.  So, my boss is now quickly out of the office, and I’m taking five minutes to quickly blog.  Today, I am grateful for:

  • My gorgeous amazing husband.  We have friends who are moving overseas, as in immigrating, and while the hubby is there already, she has stayed to settle out the remaining issues… like sell her car, let her daughter finish school, etc.  And they came over for supper last night, and hubby cooked a fantastic meal.  That man is just so good in the kitchen, he could enter Master Chef or whatever it is called.  How awesome is it to have a man that cooks.  And enjoys it.
  • For the weekend – okay, the weekend was super busy.  On Friday, it was our staff function; Friday night, we took Baby Girl to Uncle Jumbo’s.  On Saturday, I did the Park Run, then went to a kiddie’s party, then went to an art exhibit with a friend, then had another friend over for dinner (his wife is overseas at the moment).  Then on Sunday, I took Baby Girl to the movies, then we went out for a braai – then last night we had friends over and my mom is coming over for supper tonight.  Hectic.  But, it is good – fun times with family and friends that I am very grateful for.
  • For this weather – it so awesome to wake up early, and then stand outside enjoying the cool morning breeze on a summer’s day.  Just those few minutes of solitude is amazing.  I am very grateful that I now wake up early to enjoy these moments.
  • On Saturday, when I did the Park Run (which is 5.2 km’s), I parked about a kilometer away from the start, so I landed up doing 6.99 km.  One kilometer beforehand, and one after.  I am very grateful to be running and enjoying it.
  • For finding Baby Girl a new holiday care – its with older kids, and she battles to make new friends, so I am hoping to be in a new environment will be good for her.  I hate this feeling of her being shunted from one place to the next, because I have to work – but I am grateful that she is being looked after and has the opportunity of making new friends.
  • I am grateful that I have such an awesome family.

I have so much to be grateful for.  Thank you Lord for your many blessings, your love, your grace, for giving me life – to my bones, through your son.  Thank you God for everything.


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