Gratitude – 01st December 2015

  • Wow, I cannot believe it is December.  This year has absolutely flown by.  And I am grateful that all-in-all it has been a good year.

  • And I am grateful that Christmas is just around the corner – Baby Girl is so excited for Christmas.  It is such a pleasure to share in Christmas from a little girl’s perspective.  She can’t wait for Father Christmas to come.
  • I am grateful for many things today – that God has spared me to live this life, for all the many gifts and blessings that we have, for the good weather, the lovely days, the people I work with, the delicious supper we had last night, the fun weekend with hubby and Baby Girl.
  • In three week’s time I go on leave for two weeks – technically, I don’t have the leave available, but as I am in my fifth year of employment here, my leave should go up to 20 working days per annum, so I should cover any negative amounts soon.
  • And I am grateful that hubby emailed ex chick to say he would not be dealing with her anymore.  I guess that I am as important to hubby as he is to me.

I have so much to be grateful for.

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