Gratitude – 27th November 2015

  • Hubby’s home.
    • Hubby’s home.
      • Hubby’s home.

  • Yes, I am grateful that hubby is home.  It’s so nice having your best friend be with you.  Love this man and very grateful that God has given him to me to love.
  • For the possibility of hubby’s business being bought out and implemented into numerous clients throughout the country.  Nothing cast in stone yet, but the idea has been put on the table so let’s see where this goes.  How exciting!
  • For all the love in my life – God has truly loved me and known me.  I am blown away by His grace and how when I am feeling anxious or nervous and can’t settle my mind, I know that I can trust Him to pull me through.
  • That God has promised me abundant life – that He has warned me that the devil will come to steal, kill and destroy, but He has promised me abundant life.  I am now so ready to claim that abundance from Him – to no longer run and hide away in fear.
  • That I love God and He loves me, that His love gives me the freedom to truly embrace my live, to push fear aside and claim His promises, for I am His daughter, a member of the royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God.

I have much to be grateful for.



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