Gratitude – 25 November 2015

I have so much  to be grateful for.

  • Hubby is in Cape Town and I really do not have the inclination to even want to cook after work – so I was toying with the idea of taking Baby Girl to Mike’s Kitchen for a small supper.  We walked into friend’s of ours whose little girl is also with Baby Girl at school and her husband is overseas at present, so I invited them to join us.  And she landed up paying – for everything.  It was so cool.  I felt bad because I didn’t expect her to pay, and it certainly wasn’t my intention, but she paid.  And we chatted for almost three hours, while the girls played.  It really was quite lovely.

  • For this amazing weather – I am really looking forward to summer coming.  (Have you noticed?)
  • For getting the afternoon off this afternoon – Hubby usually takes Baby Girl to swimming on a Wednesday, but he has gone to Cape Town on business for a couple of days, and so I asked to for the afternoon off to be able to take her.  I hate taking off, but the thought of her missing another lesson in swimming (which I see as a life skill) was too much to bare.
  • For a delicious fruit salad treat – it was our partner’s breakfast this morning, and there was a tiny morsel of fruit salad left over, which I am now enjoying as I am typing this.  Delicious.
  • Just for life – every now and then I just get this feeling that there is so much God has in store for me, for my husband and for our family.  I love that I can trust God with my life, and with who I am.

I have so much to be grateful for.  Thank you, Lord.


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