Gratitude – 24th November

The end of year is looming, and I am tired, tired, tired.  I am tired of working, tired of battling financially, tired of all the many, many items on my checklist of things I need to do.

And I think I have it easy compared to some who work two or three jobs just trying to make ends meet.  And I am aware, very aware, that I have so much to be grateful for – even in the midst of all our battles (financial and otherwise), I know that God has truly blessed us.

I feel awful for complaining, but the trousers I had on this morning are so threadbare you could see my underwear through.  Yip, I had to change.  Into another pair of trousers that the zipper is broken, so I have to be vigilant in keeping my zipper up today.  Literally.  Both pairs of trousers are hand-me-downs (one from my mom, the other from a friend at work).  And I would so love to be able to buy my own clothes.  But, and I feel so ashamed here – because I have clothes to wear.  So, I ask God to bless our finances, while being painfully aware that there are others who have so much less than what I do.

So, today, I am grateful for:

  • The clothes that I have – they may be hand-me-downs, and threadbare, but they are mine and I have clothes to wear.  There are some who have nothing, and my wanting my own seems so justified and so shameful at the same time.
  • This beautiful weather – summer is coming, and although we had so much rain on Saturday, today is a beautiful summer’s day.
  • For my amazing man – thank you God for leading me to this man to marry.  I agree with Gary Thomas when he says that you won’t tell us who to marry.  But, you sure do give us some serious guidance when needed.  I am grateful I said yes, when I could’ve said no.
  • For my amazing daughter – again, you didn’t specifically tell me to have a child.  But, you brought about circumstances that encouraged me in that decision – and I am so grateful.  She brings an amazing light and joy and laughter to our lives.
  • My life – I have so much to be grateful for.

Thank you, Lord, for my many blessings.  Thank you.


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