Gratitude – 16th November 2015

In her autobiography, Corrie ten Boom described her and her sister Betsie’s horrific time in a Nazi concentration camp in the early 1940s.  On one occasion they were forced to take off their clothes during an inspection.  Corrie stood in line feeling defiled and forsaken.  Suddenly, she remembered that Jesus had hung naked on the cross.  Struck with wonder and worship, Corrie whispered to her sister, “Betsie, they took His clothes too.”  Betsie gasped and said, “Oh, Corrie, . . . and I never thanked Him.”  Our Daily Bread

We truly have so much to be thankful for.  Even if you don’t believe, God exists and loves you.  God loves us despite our beliefs, our hangups and our sin.  And He died for us – for ALL of us.

Today, I am grateful for:

  • A delicious supper with my hubby on Friday night.  If you’ve read my blog, you’ll know that eating out is one of my anxiety triggers, but on Friday night we went to a restaurant called John Dory’s and we actually had a lovely time.  Baby Girl played in the play area, and hubby and I actually got to chat.  It was lovely.
  • For a lovely Park Run on Saturday – my legs were really tired.  And sore.  So, I just took it easy and slow, and enjoyed it.  We run along the beach – what better way to start the weekend, than a lovely run along the beach.
  • That I know God is mourning with all the Parisians who were attacked on Friday night.  I think that God hangs His head in shame in what one person can do to another in the name of religion and politics.  But, God is there.  His strength and grace will see the Parisians through.  And His anger will bring about justice to those responsible.  I know this, because I know the God of the Bible.  It will be in His way, in His time.  But, it will happen.
  • For a fun morning spent with friends while hubby did a cycle race.  It was very blustery, but it was fun and lovely.  And hubby enjoyed his race – he said it was very tough, but he glad he did it.
  • That I found silver tinsel – Baby Girl has to have a star costume made for school, and we found the silver tinsel she needs.  I had to go to three shops to find what we needed to get, but I found it.  And tonight I’ll do the final sewing (yeah, me sew…), so she can take it back to school tomorrow.

I have so much to be grateful for.



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