Gratitude – 13th November

Do you know that today is Friday, 13th?  Ha ha – always have to laugh at that, because invariably it turns out to be just like any other Friday…  Sinister~:-)!

Yesterday, I had the most awful experience at work:  I saw a mom this morning completely lose it with her 18 month old son, just outside my work.  She went off for about 15 minutes, shouting at him and threatening to just leave him there – with the whole street just staring at her.  I was about to get involved, when our security guard got involved.  She then just threw her son into the backseat, and drove off.  He could not have been older than 18 months.  Just a little boy!  Not a good start to the day!

I have lost it with Baby Girl, but not like that.  And I have never pulled her or punched her or shoved her.  But, only by the grace of God.  Three years of no sleep, total sleep deprivation, can really take its toll on parents.  It is exhausting.  However, having said that, today I am grateful for:

  • That I have never, in my six years of being a mommy, pushed, hurt, or shoved Madam.  Ever.  And that too is by God’s grace.  In fact, she has never even had a hiding.   Time out works wonders for her.
  • That the security guard intervened – that perhaps today she is thinking back to yesterday and wondering how she could have done things differently.  I’m not judging her.  We have all been there.  But, she clearly needs help – a support system; someone to carry her through.  And maybe yesterday’s meltdown will push her in that direction.  I do pray for that to happen.  We can’t raise children on our own.
  • That today is such a beautiful day.  So looking forward to summer.
  • That I truly have the most amazing husband.  Ever.
  • That I have the most amazing God, the most powerful, all-knowing God is my saviour.  Thank you.

I have so much to be grateful for.

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