Gratitude – 06th November 2015

I am in awe today – I truly have the most amazing family.  Summer has finally hit P.E. (after what felt like a winter that would never end…)

But winter did end.  And Summer is here.  And the reason I am grateful for my family today is:

  • Last night we had a braai (barbecue for our American friends) and there was not a breath of wind.  Hubby made an awesome braai, and it was so hot and windless, we actually ate outside.  It was beautiful.
  • Baby Girl is so funny – she can do the plank for 30 seconds (I managed a mere 10 – maybe 20 seconds).  However, she is only six and her body is still developing.  She is amazing!
  • My husband – who planned such an awesome evening last night, that I feel quite delighted at summer coming (finally).
  • For the beautiful life that I get to live – I am so grateful that God came to save me, to open my eyes that I may see…
  • For an awesome shower this morning – I have this beautiful home and this stunning bathroom, and each morning I am so grateful for a calming, relaxing shower.  No matter how awful you may feel, or sick, or whatever – for me, there is nothing that beats a shower in feeling better.

Thank, Jesus, for all my blessings!




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