Letter to my darling, Baby Girl

To my Darling, Baby Girl

I read a saying the other day on Facebook, “Daughter, I wish I could give you the gift of seeing yourself through my eyes – then you would know just how much you are loved and how special you are.”

I wish I could give you that gift.

You are so loved – I know that every mother loves their children, and every child is special.  And it is hard in a world where everyone is vying for top spot – whether at work, at school, at play.  But, it isn’t vying for top spot that is important.  What is important is knowing that you are valued, and loved – just for who you are.  And you, my darling, are valued and loved – both your dad and I adore you, and love you.  And we will keep encouraging you to be the wonderful little girl that you are.

You have brought such laughter and love into our lives – and you have such a wonderful and quirky sense of humour.  But, most importantly, you are kind.  You see a need in others and you try to help – wherever or however you can.  Kindness is one of the most important qualities that you can have.  It doesn’t matter how beautiful you are – because at the end of the day, most people would rather have a kind, but ugly friend – than a beautiful but mean friend who bullies them.  Nurture that kindness in your heart – never let it go.  Always make people feel good about themselves – you don’t know what hurts they are battling, or what their story is.  Kindness will always go a long way.

And humility – remember my darling that you are truly blessed; not only are you clever, and talented, but it seems that you may have the knack of being a good sportsman, as well as being very, very pretty.  But, that should not give you licence to arrogance.  In fact, humility – after kindness – is another good virtue to have.  Because your talent and your looks are all gifts that the good Lord above has bestowed on you – how awesome it is that He has seen you and has blessed you.

Faith – always knowing that no matter how hard life can be, God knows what He is doing and He loves you and will use whatever situation that comes your way for your own good.  And life can be hard.  You may battle to find a boyfriend – even though you are so talented and beautiful.  Boys may be intimidated by you.  Or you may battle to get into varsity – or whatever the situation is that arises.  Life is hard and you are competing in life with many other talented and beautiful people, who are all very special in their own way.  Know that whatever life may bring you, God is in control.  You can trust Him and you can have faith in Him that He will bring about the best for you.

Love – this is the most important virtue of all.  Just love people.  Enjoy people – don’t be on your own.  Most people are lost and lonely and hurting – for various reasons.  Love them, comfort them and be kind to them.  Know that no matter what you have done in life, God will always love you.

Boundaries – put boundaries up to protect yourself.  Don’t let people use you.  You can be kind and loving to people, and still not allow people to walk all over you or to use you.  Protect your gentle heart.

I love how you make your dad and I laugh.  And I am saddened that you are going to Grade 1 next year.  I would so truly love to keep you little forever.  But, there are many more adventures waiting for us just around the next corner.

We’ve bought your uniform for next year – how awesome is that?

I love you my darling, and although I would love to keep you home and little for as long as possible, I am also very excited about this next phase in your life.  You are going to learn so much, and grow so much.  Your dad and I will try to support you as much as what we can every step of the way.

I.  Love. You.

Always remember that.

I.  Love. You.

Your mom…!

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