Gratitude 26th October 2015

What an awesome weekend.  Okay, so I didn’t get to do the Park Run on Saturday, because the weather was a bit foul, but I am nevertheless still grateful for an entirely amazing weekend:

  • On Friday’s, we usually just get take-aways, and so we go to our favourite little fish and chip shop that makes the most amazing fish, and we decide to sit and eat there.  They’ve got this little veranda and hubby and I felt like we were backpackers.  It felt awesome.  Baby Girl ran and played in the little garden they have there.  It really was quite rustic and beautiful and special.
  • On Saturday, as I said – I didn’t get to do the Park Run, because the weather was foul, but hubby, Baby Girl and I went grocery shopping.  We got there early (I had gotten up early to get ready for the Park Run and even had my running shoes on when it started to rain) so the shops were nice and quiet while we got our shopping done.
  • We used to – many years ago – do our grocery shopping and then treat ourselves to a coffee or a light meal afterwards.  We haven’t done that in years, because finances are so tight, but on Saturday I thought I would treat us to a coffee at Spur afterwards.  Baby Girl played, and hubby and I chatted a little.  It was lovely.
  • I really feel like I am starting to open myself up to hubby more and more – that I am letting him in.  It is hard – I am used to being invisible, to people not seeing me, and being very comfortable with that.  But, it feels really, really good to be letting him in; to not just talking about the day, but talking about things that matter.
  • For God that in Him I have no fear, in Him I live and move and have my being – no fear, just abundance.  Thank you.

I have much to be grateful for, and I am grateful for an awesome weekend and great time spent with my husband and daughter.  I’ve also started reading the bible more, and I am grateful for God’s word.

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