Gratitude – 23rd October 2015

Today, I am grateful for:

  • That God’s see me, He sees me and He likes what He sees.  And He loves me.
  • For the revelation that I grew up “invisible”.  It was a bit of a growth step for me to health and wholeness.  And that in all that time of being invisible, God knew me.  I find that quite amazing.
  • For all the healing that God has done, and is doing, in my life.  My mother smothered me, my father didn’t know I was there – but God knew.  He knew I was there, and He wanted me to have room to grow, to mature, to blossom into the woman He created me to be.
  • For this beautiful day – Summer is here and it is a beautiful day!  Thank you, Jesus!
  • For my husband – and that God is doing such an amazing work in our marriage.  My husband may not see it yet, but he will.
  • For my daughter – that even in her bad moods (and she was in one this morning), she is still so cute, and wonderful, and lovely.

For my beautiful life.  Thank you Jesus for all your wonderful blessings!



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