Gratitude – 20th October 2015

Today, I am most grateful for:

  • The most gorgeous summer weather we are having.  It is beautiful!  And I am so grateful to be experiencing some warmth after a very long, cold and harsh winter.
  • Hubby making me some toast last – for some reason I felt quite anxious over dinner time, so I didn’t eat a lot.  I managed some, but not my normal supper amount.  Later – when the anxiety had passed – I felt really hungry and hubby made me some delicious toast.  Okay, I know its not Banting friendly, but it was still divine.
  • Baby Girl who makes us laugh – okay, she was pretty upset at being caught out, but we discovered that “someone” had trimmed our cat’s fur.  There’s a definite line of where she had cut – yes, we had to focus really hard on keeping a straight face while we reprimanded her.  But, she just reminded me last night that you have to keep a sense of humour about these things.  She has taught me so much about my life, and about life in general.
  • For love – from my husband, from my daughter but mostly from my God.  Isn’t it amazing to know that we are truly loved.  In all ways, for always.  And even when our families let us down, God still loves us.  Not only does He love us, He is for us and totally adores us.  For someone who really battles with self-esteem, it is amazing to know that we are loved.  Completely and totally.  Awesome.
  • For guidance – everything we need to know about life and how to live a good and honourable life is all in the bible.  It’s all there, with tons of encouragement and knowledge about God’s love for us.

I feel so grateful to be alive.  To be married.  To be a mother.  To be who I am.  And yes, I constantly battle “stinking thinking” (like last night at dinner time), but God is always with me, teaching me, growing me and seeing my potential.

Thank you!



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