Gratitude – 19th October 2015

Today I am grateful for:

  • Such stunning weather this past weekend (and today) – I am hoping that it means that summer has finally arrived.
  • My gorgeous husband – and the uh, quickie we had on Friday before fetching Baby Girl from school.
  • My family – I love my family.  My husband and daughter are so precious and special and simply amazing people.  My family rocks!
  • Park Run – was a bit slower on Saturday, but I still enjoy it and I find that every time I get a bit emotional, because I can’t believe I’m actually running.  Thank you, Lord!
  • My home – I potted around the house yesterday, cleaning out cupboards, sorting out winter clothes from summer clothes, and I loved it.  And I love my home.
  • God – for getting us through some very financially difficult months.  And for always being on my such.

I have much to be grateful for!



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