Gratitude – 13th October 2015

Today, I am expressing gratitude for:

  • My God – He truly is my rock and my helper, my strength and my saviour.  He is my love, and I am very grateful to not only be a Christian, but to live in a country where I am allowed to be a Christian.
  • My husband – who always tries so hard to make me and Baby Girl happy, even if it means putting himself under tremendous pressure and strain.  He is awesome, he is my friend, my lover and my husband and I am very grateful that God led me to him.
  • My daughter – I never in my wildest dreams thought I wanted to be a mom; the whole idea I found quite petrifying.  I am so grateful that God brought about circumstances and a husband that allowed me to have a baby.  And she is awesome and wonderful and I am very grateful she is in my life.
  • Running – I ran around the park twice yesterday.  My legs were tired from the Park Run on Saturday (which we ran in gale force winds), but I am really, really enjoying this running.  This in itself is such a miracle, because I’ve gone from being a certified couch potato to running.  And loving it.
  • Quiet time – for some reason I was awake early this morning and usually I would try force a few minutes extra sleep.  But, this morning hubby went cycling and I got up early and did a quiet time – something I have not done in years.  It was awesome.  I was half asleep, and mostly just read (Philippians 1).  It really is an awesome chapter of the bible and has so many profound truths and such wisdom.  I am grateful for God’s word to guide me each day.


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