Gratitude – Day 20

There is much to be grateful for.  And I am enjoying doing this 21 day challenge, because it has helped me to focus my mind and it has helped me to be intentional about what I am thinking about.  Perhaps you, too, should try this challenge and start reaping the rewards.  Even if you have just one small thing to be grateful for – it’s a step in the right direction.

Today, I am grateful for:

  1. The love I have in my life – from my husband, from my daughter, from my family and friends.  But, most from God Himself – He has seen me inside and out and He loves me.
  2. For the grace I have in my life – no matter how many times I fall, God gives us the grace to carry on, to try again, to lean on Him and to keep on keeping on.
  3. For the forgiveness I have in my life – from my husband to my daughter, and everyone else in between, people I know are wiling to forgive and move on.  And I am very grateful for that.  Especially the forgiveness from God, through His son, that I am forgiven.  Completely and totally.
  4. For the will to fight on – only given to me by God Himself through the power of the Holy Spirit.
  5. For my husband – whom I love and adore and want to give the best of myself to.

Thank you, Lord, for my many blessings.

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