Gratitude – Day 15

I have not blogged for a couple of days, because I have been off ill – on my second round of antibiotics, and now – today – I am back at work.  I am grateful for:

  1. My health – that even though I have been ill the last couple of days, I am generally a healthy person.
  2. My husband – who has taken such good care of me over the last while.  Suppers have been cooked, house maintained, cleaning done.  He has been totally awesome.
  3. For my husband who on my birthday gave me a new heart rate monitor – my old one, which is about 10 years old, just used to flat line half way through a run.  It is so lovely, that I am wearing it to work today – okay, it looks very sporty, and doesn’t really go with corporate attire, but I’m like – I don’t care.  I love it and I’m wearing it.  And in case you’re interested, I have done 2 950 steps today thus far.  Only 4 550 short of my daily goal.  Loving it!
  4. My Baby Girl – who gave me three lemons from our lemon tree (in case I got thirsty and wanted to make lemonade), her first pair shoes (that was on display in my room), a string (who knows what for) in a lovely orange toy bag.  I was really touched by all her effort to give me such a thoughtful present.
  5. For all the wonderful blessings for my birthday – thank you Jesus!

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