Gratitude – Day 14

I have so much to be grateful for – the more I focus on gratitude, the more I realise that the Lord has truly blessed me.  It gives me an opportunity to stop comparing my life with others, and to focus on what I have.  Now.

  1. Last night, hubby had to go to a function with a friend, and when I got home, he had already cooked supper and everything was keeping warm in the oven for Baby Girl and me.  Really?  Do you know how much that helped me last night?  I could get through Baby Girl’s homework, make lunch, pack the bags, bath her and everything else that needed to be done.  It was awesome.  My husband is awesome.
  2. I have been battling bronchitis and flu (this has to be the wettest, coldest winter we’ve had in a long time – although, technically, it is meant to be spring).  And I went to the pharmacy to get meds yesterday as I feel another bout of flu coming on.  I took the medication after supper and I was fine, until bed time.  Thankfully, by this time, hubby was home, but as I got off the couch to go to bed, I suddenly felt very dizzy and my tummy hurt and the next thing I knew hubby was waking me up on the bathroom floor.  I don’t know if its the meds (meds I had not taken before), or what it was, but I am very grateful hubby was home.  I had a good night’s sleep and feel fine this morning (still flu’ish, but not passing out – which apparently is a good thing).
  3. For my husband – he does so much for me.  And he loves me.  And just him as a person – he is a decent guy, who I think has the gift of being a host, as he always wants to make our guests feel welcome and worries about how other people feel.  Just generally, he is such an amazing man.
  4. For God – this battle with my mind is an ongoing battle, but through Jesus I feel like I am getting somewhere.  I am starting to recognise lies, and am able to (sometimes, not always) replace them with the truth.  I am grateful for learning that I can trust God, irrespective of what I feel or think.  God is not limited by my mind – only my ability to enjoy and embrace life is limited by what I think.
  5. For spring – okay, its pouring with rain and bitterly cold, but officially spring is here and that means new life, the beginning of new things, new growth: in God’s world that is very exciting.

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