Gratitude – Day 12

I feel so tired today.  But, that’s because it’s been such an awesome weekend.  So, today, I am grateful for:

  1. An awesome weekend with my husband – there was a time when we didn’t look forward to weekends because of all the stress, and now I find we’re relaxing more and more at home, and just enjoying family time.
  2. Such a lovely play date for Baby Girl with the most lovely little girl – they played so nicely together, that we didn’t even know we had two little girls in the house.
  3. For the delicious soup hubby made – Cock-a-leekie soup – it is delicious.  I have some for lunch today at work!  I am so grateful my man knows his way around the kitchen (and washing the dishes afterwards).
  4. For the lovely braai with friends – new friends – on Saturday night.  I always feel uncomfortable around new people (guess I still get shy and nervous, even at my age), but I found myself rather enjoying myself on Saturday night.
  5. For God: for knowing that me, my family, my husband are all so important to Him.

I am truly very blessed – thank you Jesus!

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