Gratitude – Day 11

Thank you, Lord:

  1. For blessing me so abundantly – I have a husband who loves me, a beautiful daughter, a warm safe home, a functioning family.  Thank you.
  2. Thank you for little mercies – like a delicious cup of coffee at work every morning.
  3. Thank you for rest – a good night’s sleep, sleeping safely and comfortably next to my husband.
  4. Thank you for grace – that when I mess up, or have a bad night filled with fears and anxieties, you are right there to pick me and help me carry on.
  5. Thank you for love – it is your love for me that is helping me grow as a person, true and strong and holy, each and every day, because you see the real me, you see my potential, you see what I can become in you.

Thank you, Jesus for loving me.  And blessing me.


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