Gratitude – Day 10

Today I am grateful for:

  1. My health – whatever impact negative thinking may play on my mind, my body is healthy.
  2. My husband – who is gorgeous, and fit, and healthy, and strong.  And who is such an inspiration to me – I truly am the blessed one.
  3. My daughter – who called me twice last night in her sleep for a “huggie”… seriously, how can I complain when in her dreams she just need a little bit of mama-comfort?  I hugged her, and she rolled over and went straight to sleep.
  4. My home – I know we have a lot of work to do on our house.  But, I love our home.  I loved how it felt when I was at home on Tuesday, the peacefulness and comfort it provided me.  “God blesses the home of the righteous.”  Prov. 3:33
  5. My love – our home is filled with love.  Yes, there is a lot of tension, but we have come so far.  We are actually enjoying being at home again.  

Thank you Jesus for all my blessings.  Thank you for seeing me, for knowing me, and most importantly, for truly loving me.



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