Gratitude – Day 9

As you know, I have been ill.  Not seriously ill, just a bit of bronchitis, but not well enough to be at work (yesterday).  Which is why I didn’t blog yesterday.  I am back at work today, and I am very grateful for:

  1. My health – I am not generally one to get sick, and hardly ever need to see the doctor, so being ill these last couple of days has really made me grateful that I am generally of good health.
  2. For my husband – on Monday night I had a doctor’s appointment and he had to take Baby Girl to swimming lessons (which usually last about an hour) and the deal was that I would then sort supper out (which he usually does).  So, I get home from the doctor and Baby Girl’s swimming lesson hasn’t even started yet, and as I walk into the kitchen, what do I see?  Vegetables ready for cooking, chicken schnitzel ready to be put in the oven.  All I had to do was switch the stove and the oven on.  How awesome is that?
  3. For spending the day at home yesterday – I just relaxed, and slept and took things easy.  Besides for being sick, I really think I just needed the down time (and on doctor’s orders, too).
  4. For hubby who is working so hard – yesterday morning he left at 05:00 to be at the airport at 05:30, to catch a flight to Johannesburg and then drive an hour and a half to Sasolburg to sort out new clients, and then drive an hour and a half back again to catch a late flight back to Port Elizabeth.  He got home at about 09:00 last night.  I would’ve been exhausted, but he carries on.  I am so proud of my man.
  5. For always loving me.  Seventeen years later and he is still here and still loving me.

Thank you, Lord, for all my blessings.


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