Gratitude – Day 8

I am still sick.  Heavens, I’m coughing, my chest is sore, I’m tired, my body is sore, and I’m just generally not feeling all too happy today.  I spent most of the weekend sleeping and being quiet and still, but today I am at work and today I will be making a doctor’s appointment.

But, in all that, there is much to be grateful for, so…

  1. I am grateful for the sushi meal we had on Friday night at home – we got take-out from Spar and hubby, myself and Baby Girl had a delicious sushi meal.  It was lovely.
  2. For spending the whole weekend with hubby – it was so fantastic.
  3. For the family (all three of us) going to my little niece’s party on Saturday (yes, I should’ve stayed at home), but it was so lovely and sunny and well, who wants to be at home feeling sick and sorry for themselves.
  4. For hubby coming with me to do the grocery shopping…  We went after the party and I know what you’re thinking, I was sick.  But, the thing is, we had nothing at home.  We HAD to go grocery shopping and it was so lovely to have hubby with me.  He really helped and we even had some fun while doing it!
  5. For having breakfast with hubby yesterday – once again, at home – but Baby Girl was watching TV and we sat in bed and had some breakfast.  It was really lovely.

So, now let me make that doctor’s appointment…




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