Gratitude – Day 6

Hubby has bronchitis.  I have flu.  We are both feeling terrible and miserable and we are both really not well.  But, yesterday, I had to take off work (for which I felt really guilty), but was too ill to come in and hubby has been at home this whole week.  So, whilst I am not grateful for being sick, I am grateful for:

  1. Hubby and I spending the day together – albeit it sleeping, taking meds, and blowing our noses, it was a lovely day together, just the two of us.
  2. Hubby taking some time off to get better – as a typical male, he doesn’t take time off for illnesses like he should – and perhaps because it is his own business, which means: no work, no pay.  Although, he is working from home, he has taken time off to get himself better.
  3. For our nanny – who comes in three times a week to help clean the house, do the ironing, and all else.  She should be on retirement, but she can’t afford to live on the government grants, so she has opted to continue working on a part-time basis – for which I am very grateful.
  4. For our home – I was really happy to spend the day at home yesterday.  Our home is comfortable and it is ours.  Yes, it does need a lot of work, but I love our home.
  5. For my life – my family, my husband, my job, I have so much to be grateful for.


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